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June 21, 2010

Inspired to Succeed: 3 reasons you should be aiming higher right now

How are you backpedaling right now?

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how many people I hear putting the brakes on their dreams and goals. They believe the buzz that opportunities are down, incomes are down, revenues are down. They think as a result they should adjust and shoot down.

Even among people and businesses who are doing okay, there is a feeling of complacency. People who two years ago were less satisfied with their situations are more content now although they may have less.

Nothing inherently wrong with this. Studies show that there is a strong direct relationship between gratitude and happiness. A little appreciation and awareness of others can’t be a bad thing. Right? Right.

Except. What seems to come along with the gratitude is a little voice that says

“You should accept what you have
and not go for anything more.”


“Who are you to think you can move up now.
You’d better look for something less.”

Do you have a voice like this? Is there anything in there that’s holding you back? Saying, “Now is not the time.” Or, “Who are you to…?”

What if you could be both appreciative AND aspire to take your success to the next level. Right now. Without any doubt, guilt or hesitation?

What if your quest for success is  imperative right now?

How did we all agree that success could only mean the individual accumulation of achievements, money and goods?

What if we redefined success in a way that helps to heal the wounds of the last few years, and longer?

Some organizations have already rewritten their mission to include this expanded vision of success.

Many people have always lived their lives in this way.

We need more.

Let these 3 principles inspire your success and you won’t believe the abundance that comes to you:

People: Aspire to succeed in ways that help others to succeed. By the way, the more people you help to succeed the more opportunities, resources, relationships, respect, and yes, even money, naturally flow to you.

Planet: Aspire to succeed in ways that heal our world, or at the very least do no harm. If we don’t all band together and get active, success may become irrelevant in our lifetime.

Profit: Aspire to increase your personal well-being and share a percentage. It doesn’t help others for us to be less than we can be. We are better positioned to contribute from a position of wealth. We have a responsibility to strive for more and share.

How can you bring these principles into your definition of success?
What will you do first?

I’d love to hear, if you want to share.


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