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November 22, 2010

Delegating: What’s on Your To-Don’t List?

I’ve got a client who is having a hard time delegating.

It’s time for her to hire an assistant. No, it’s actually past time. She’s grown beyond her ability to handle all aspects of her business herself. She needs to manage this change. But she resists. She has her particular way of doing things that she likes. She feels vulnerable. Hiring someone will take a lot of her time. She worries about choosing someone trustworthy. What if they mess up her systems?
The truth is, she’s not even that good at organizing, and she doesn’t like it. Anyone with some basic skills could do a better job for her. And yet she resists.
Can you relate? Are there things you are doing that you don’t have to? Things you don’t like to do and that you could delegate to someone who is much better than you? Could delegating buy you time to focus on far more important things? Maybe you already have an assistant, but there are still tasks on your desk that are taking your time, sapping your energy and keeping you stuck.
My client and I are working on letting go of that resistance. Seeing the value of trusting someone to support her. Most important, I have her making a To Don’t list for herself. What things does she need to stop doing to enable her to be more effective, more impactful, more successful?  She needs to delegate those to someone who can help her go further than she can go on her own.
So that’s what she’ll be doing in the new year.
How about you? What are you hanging on to that’s getting in your way? What needs to be on your To Don’t list for you to grow in the new year?

Wishing you and yours much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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