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February 8, 2010

Inspired to Succeed: Hire your gut.

A couple of weeks ago, I was debriefing a DISC assessment with a new client.

As we sat down, a gut feeling told me to ask her when her birthday was.

Well, that seems inappropriate, I thought to myself and put the thought aside.

That gut feeling came up again and again throughout our time together.

I kept pushing it away.

Finally just as we were wrapping up our conversation and starting to get ready to leave, the gut feeling was so insistent, and I felt that we had bonded enough during the conversation to risk it.

As casually as I could I said, “Hey, when’s your birthday?”

She just about fell off her chair. “Why did you ask me that?” she said.

“I don’t know,” I said, “something just told me to ask you.”

“It’s today,” she said. “I gave myself this assessment as a birthday present to get my year started off right.”

Listening to my gut in that situation instantly took that relationship to a deeper level.

I’ve learned that gut can be an invaluable life and business tool.

How about you? How in tune are you with your gut feelings?

How could tapping into your intuition help you be a better leader?

Other leaders say intuition gives them useful insight into clients, employees, vendors & associates and helps them to see and act on new possibilities in challenging situations.

To develop your intuition, imagine that mind, heart and gut are each separate and distinct consultants living inside of you. Imagine that you can converse with each. Find a quiet place and take a few slow breaths to get in touch with your body. Think of a situation facing you that day. Begin by asking mind what is most important about the situation for you. Don’t form the answers, rather wait for the answers to form themselves. Ask heart what it wants from the situation. Again, wait for the answer. Finally, ask gut what you need to know about the situation. Do not edit or question or control the answers, just let them come and be open to being surprised.

Make a practice each day of consulting with mind, heart and gut about a work or life situation. For some people it works best to do this in writing. For some just posing the question internally is effective. Either way, pose the question, and then wait for the answers to come.

The more you get to know your intuition, the more reliable a consultant it will become.

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